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Thank you, Oprah

Our society has so many questions – and rightfully so! We sit and wonder why there are so many shootings or why there are so many fights in school. We […]

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As I sit back and think of my almost ten years working in this field, I can’t but stop and think of how much I have learned, and therefore my […]

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The Narrow Mind of Some

This week a very unfortunate situation occurred. One that in 2017 is such our reality, but still infuriating. While I won’t get into specifics as not to identify anyone (although […]

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Dr. Sarah Scarbrough

Holding a Ph.D. in Public Policy, Dr. Sarah Scarbrough is committed to spearheading efforts to refine and improve the criminal justice system, particularly policy relating to substance use and addiction. Her innovative research and focus on the peer-based model of recovery has been featured by dozens of media outlets across the nation.

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