Violent criminals…Should we rehabilitate?

After a deadly September in Richmond, the comment was made, “criminals should be clear on the consequences of murder.” While this is great in theory, it does not get to the root of the problem.  Violent criminals are clear on the consequences… but they just typically DO NOT CARE! After the deadly month, the following […]

Community Conversation Pod-Cast

It has arrived – the pod-casts from our community conversation with Miss Community Clovia!!!! Enjoy listening and be sure to check back in the next couple weeks! Clovia is going to have us back for part 2 – this time Sheriff Woody of the Richmond City Jail will be joining me! Will post the date […]

War on Drugs

I read a wonderful article this evening on the website called Let Hope Rise. Click here to read the article Grieving and Hope After the Election. While I thoroughly enjoyed the entire article, the part about “stoners” really hit some great points. The excerpt from the article is below: “What if, instead of seeing the […]

Love from Denver and Oregon

I was honored two receive a couple complimentary emails this week from individuals who read my article in Addiction Professional magazine! It’s exciting to connect with others in the field that are from across the U.S. I know the peer-based model works! I have pretty well fleshed out how the best program should look – […]

Conversation: Real Talk Real Change with LeMar Bowers

Another blessed day sharing the recovery message with a great new audience. Two weeks ago I met a great man of God, LeMar Bowers. We were working on the same tier of the Richmond City Jail! When we were on the G2 tier, we walked out of the jail together and chatted a bit. He […]