Violence in Jails

In 2003, Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), in an effort for policies and procedures to be created to detect, prevent, and eliminate sexual victimization in prison. Since the 2003 passing, some states have strongly implemented the PREA, while others have not placed such a large emphasis on it. Virginia participates by providing […]

War on Drugs? Legalizing Drugs?

I think most of us can agree that the war on drugs was created with good intent. Many argue it worked, others argue the opposite. I would like to present the following facts: In 2000, 1 of every 90 adults in the United States was incarcerated, making a total of 1,321,137 prisoners. The following year, […]

Virginia Sheriff’s Magazine Article

Article below from the Winter 2012 Virginia Sheriff’s Magazine Written by Tony Pham, General Counsel at the Richmond City Jail “We are saving lives, saving money, and saving hope!” stated Sheriff C.T. Woody, Jr., when discussing the results of a four-year study. “It is one of the best programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia,” affirmed […]

Revelations in Recidivism Infographic

The fight to lower recidivism rates and decrease substance abuse in our community is not hopeless! Most of us working in the field know this is true! Thanks to my amazing husband, my research study on Kingdom Life Ministries was transformed into an infographic that illustrates this beautifully! Click here to check it out!   […]

Does this sound familiar story?

Maybe you can relate it to yourself? Or someone you know – maybe they been affected by drugs, alcohol, and/or crime? Maybe it’s a story similar of a client your organization works with? Used the bathroom on the side of the road Had dirt underneath his fingernails Calluses on hands Homeless at one point Smelled […]