Change is Possible

Often in blog posts, I have talked about my experience conducting research in the Richmond City Jail. It’s hard to believe this journey began over 6 years ago. I vividly recall walking into the jail – onto the tier – with about 100 male convicted felons. I clearly remember some of the first men that […]

Brief History of Alcoholics Anonymous

Various groups, including the Keeley League, The United Order of Ex-Boozers, Ollapod Club, Emmanuel Clinic and the Jacoby Club, founded alcoholic recovery groups early, all of which were short lived and non-successful. In addition, the number of alcoholics was on the rise during this period and due to overcrowding issues, there was not capacity for […]

Biggest Illicit Drug Market in the World

~ CAROLINE COUNTY RECOVERY COMMUNITY PROGRAM: A COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS AND EXAMINATION OF EFFECTIVENESS ~ * By: Sarah Scarbrough, PhD * * Study released March 2014  * For more information on the CCRCP contact Dr. Scarbrough or John Shinholser with the McShin Foundation at ~ The International Narcotics Control Board has described the United States […]