The Odds Are Stacked…

Society so often chastises criminals, felons, addicts, and people getting out of jail. The average citizen today thinks this population consists of bad people. Frequently, people believe since many felons have gone to jail multiple times, why should we care about them? It is often thought they deserve to be locked up and the key […]

Mass Incarceration – What is the real low down?

My last blog established that crime has gone down since mass incarceration began, but that mass incarceration has not necessarily worked. Why? Let’s dive in… Studies have shown a correlation between mass incarceration (i.e. increased prison rates) and a decrease in crime is not significant. Such truth is becoming a concern from the federal to […]

Parole Abolition – Did it Work?

What does “worked” mean? What does “success” truly mean? If it means having offenders spend the majority of their sentence behind bars and not get released early, then sure it worked. If it means seeing crime rates drop, then one could argue it worked. But, there are so many other factors associated – really so […]

Abolition of Parole in Virginia

Fathers’ Day of 1986 was extremely tragic – Detective George Taylor of the City of Richmond Police Department in Virginia stopped a vehicle for a routine traffic violation. After being pulled over, the driver, Wayne DeLong, shot and killed Detective Taylor. Later, it was found that DeLong had recently been paroled after serving a portion […]