Another blessed day sharing the recovery message with a great new audience. Two weeks ago I met a great man of God, LeMar Bowers. We were working on the same tier of the Richmond City Jail! When we were on the G2 tier, we walked out of the jail together and chatted a bit. He then invited me to be a part of his radio show! Well, today was the day!

LeMar hosted Tim Green (a successful KLM alumni) and me on his radio show: Real Talk Real Change – WCLM 1450 AM! What a great 40 minutes we had!!

We had a real chat about , my researcher, hope, all things are possible with God, and much much more! Even talked a bit about why things aren’t going right today and what needs to change in Virginia to make things work better! LeMar was so gracious with his time – he even cancelled his commercial break and second segment so he could continue chatting with us!  We are so grateful for this opportunity. The 4-part pod cast can be listed to by clicking on the links below!



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