From incarceration to citizenship….“A new child born from God – living in the life of recovery”…the theme of my morning. Miss Community, Clovia Lawrence, hosted KLM program director, Darryl Cousins, successful KLM alumni, Tim Green, and me on her community conversations radio show, which airred Saturday October 6 at 9 a.m. on Kiss FM ( or 105.7).

We had a 25-minute discussion with Clo discussing the amazing results that KLM produced in the past 4 years. Darryl and Tim shared their story, in order to connect with listeners who may be battling substance abuse. While we certainly discussed KLM’s amazing successes, this show was aimed to all listeners, because we know that substance abuse affects every pocket of our community. It should speak to the addict who sits in the crack house listening to the radio, the person driving down the road going through withdrawals, the mom or dad who thinks their child might be getting high, or the person who knows an addict.

The discussion had many different aspects – warnings, intuitions, what you should do as a loved one, and most importantly…it does not have to be this way! Tim and Darryl both said they would never quit drinking and drugging –but today, both have been clean for over 3 years! It is through them sharing their story, that today’s goal was reach at least one listener and let them know it doesn’t have to be this way and that they too can recover!!!

This great morning recording with Clovia, Tim, and Darryl was truly a conservation – totally unscripted – Clovia lead the conservation, but it just flowed from there…unscripted!  Make sure to tune in to hear it – it’s great and you won’t want to miss!


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