I was honored two receive a couple complimentary emails this week from individuals who read my article in Addiction Professional magazine! It’s exciting to connect with others in the field that are from across the U.S.

I know the peer-based model works! I have pretty well fleshed out how the best program should look – but it’s music to my ears to hear other practitioners in the field agree and share their thoughts on the matter. Here are a couple of the emails I received:

I found your article in the Addiction magazine while being in a waiting room, and I was glad to discover that it was recently published. It’s interesting how quickly things happen sometimes!
I enjoyed the analysis and wealth of information your study offers with a peer-based model and a holistic approach. I will study in depth your website and all the links you posted there. I have a strong interest in working with this population, and I’m scheduled for a 2nd interview with = a state-of-the-art correctional institution.
What an honor to write to the person that did the study that I just posted on LinkedIn! I will forward it to the people that I will be talking in a week as well.
~ Denver

I read your article as soon as I received Addiction Professional yesterday. I agree with your findings completely. I’m sure we’ve both seen many ways recovery programs try to work, some do and some don’t and some work some, etc. The idea of spiritually based, peer support, during and after incarceration, and to include AA/NA, and a concentration on behavior mod, is no doubt the best you can offer the struggling inmates, and they sure do need it. Wonderful article and wonderful work. You really hit the nail on the head.
I’d like to see this same thing work with non-incarcerated people in recovery.
~ Oregon

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