Did you know that 23.5 million people in America are living in long-term recovery?

Greg Williams’ film “The Anonymous People” is the voice for these 23.5 million people and shares how the recovery movement is transforming how addiction is handled in our community.


“The Anonymous People” features Richmond leaders Sheriff C.T. Woody of the Richmond City Jail, Colonel Alonzo Pruitt, addiction recovery officer and Chief of Chaplains at the Richmond City Jail, and John Shinholser, Director of the McShin Foundation.   Also appearing in the film is addiction researcher, author, and expert Bill White; Miss Kentucky 2005 Kristen Johnston; Hazelden’s VP of Public Affairs William Cope Moyers; Miss USA 2006 Tara Conner; actor and New York Times best selling author Christopher Lawford; former news anchor Laurie Duhe; former NBA player Chris Herren; among many others.

While silent for generations because of the associated stigma of addiction and the anonymous culture pushed through such groups as Alcohol Anonymous, the recovery movement in recent years has become more vocal. As stated on the Anonymous People’s website: “The vacuum created by this silence has been filled by sensational mass media depictions of addiction that continue to perpetuate a lurid public fascination with the dysfunctional side of what is a preventable and treatable health condition. Just like women with breast cancer, or people with HIV/AIDS, courageous addiction recovery advocates are starting to come out of the shadows to tell their true stories.” The Anonymous People sets out to tell these stories of addiction, failures, survival, and ultimately success.

The McShin Foundation and the Henrico County Sheriff’s Office are hosting a Sneak Peak Screening of the Anonymous People on Monday, May 13 at the Henrico Theatre – 305 East Nine Mile Road, Henrico, Virginia. Attendance is free, but please contact Honesty at the McShin Foundation for complimentary tickets: honesty@mcshin.org or (804) 249-1845.

I encourage you to be a part of such a historic occasion and join me on Monday evening at the screening!

More information on the Anonymous People film can be found by clicking here.

The movie trailer can be viewed by clicking here.

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