Wilder School Website features my work:

“Research Conducted by recent graduate Sarah Huggins Scarbrough cited in publication by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.”

The ‘official newsletter of the L. Douglas Wilder School of Government & Public Affairs at Virginia Commonwealth University Fall/Winter 2012’ edition published an article about my research, entitled: Dissertation Study Finds Jail Program Saves Money, Reduces Recidivism. The article began: “New research by recent graduate Sarah Huggins Scarbrough, provides strong evidence that Kingdom Life Ministries, a peer-based program for Richmond City Jail inmates with substance abuse problems, succeeded in reducing the number of inmates who stay out of jail upon their release.”

The article also included a quote from Dr. Bosher, my dissertation committee chair, “This is a place where real people reside with real issues.” He said that my research will help promote an approach that “has had remarkable results for human beings who find their way here, but still have life ahead of them.” Additionally, the Wilder School’s website features my dissertation, research, and study on their home page!

Continued sharing of the compelling results of this study continue to further emphasize the importance of this work. This certainly  leads to encouragement that a large recovery movement and change in years of not engaging in the most successful means of providing treatment is drawing near and that our work is certainly cut out for us!



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